Dear Stella

Dear Stella,

Please forgive me for not writing to you earlier. Getting this letter out was no easy task; I had to bribe the guards with mother's priceless pocket watch.

Flashbacks from my arrest keep haunting me in my nightmares. When we first wed, you probably never imagined I'd end up like this. I toss and turn in my cell every night, my heart yearning for you and the kids. Are you injured? Do you have enough food to eat? This city is far too dangerous to stay in. I left some money with Aunt Lucille in the countryside. Take the kids and go to her first chance you get.

You used to joke that I'm a nerd with only astrophysics on my mind. Now, trapped in this damp cell, I've had time to ponder questions that I've long brushed under the rug. When did things start going south?

Remember when they first executed those who developed nuclear weapons? We were so happy, thinking that peace and order would soon be restored. Next, when they rounded up nuclear arms dealers, my friends and I applauded in glee, ignoring your doubts and worries. Afterwards, when they went for regular nuclear scientists, you insisted they had gone too far and warned me to be careful, yet I shrugged it off and even laughed at your indignation... now, not only me, but even mathematicians like Dr. Bell who never stepped outside the academy have been arrested.

Looking back, I should've listened to you. We should've taken the kids to the countryside when the first arrests began. Hindsight is truly twenty-twenty...

Though I've been cut off from the rest of the world for so long, I listened to the prison loudspeakers and watched familiar faces dragged from their cells, never to return. I am not optimistic about my fate. When the day comes, you must be strong and take care of the children.

I didn't know how to tell you this before, but Stella... you are the most dazzling star in my life. When I met you, my universe became complete. I may never have the chance to stargaze again, but when you look up into the night sky, I will be up there, watching over you.

Your stargazer,


July ▇▇, 19▇▇

Korvu Maximum Security Prison