Agurts is an agricultural country that established anti fossil fuel policies before the acid rains began. These policies allowed Agurts to thrive in the Acid Rain Era, when agricultural products turned into luxuries. Unlike most countries and city states in the Acid Rain World, Agurts adopted a legislative government with elected representatives. Despite its beautiful lands and unique governance, the country has an unusually high crime rate and frequent civil unrests. The current government focuses on threats from foreign invasions and the drastic increase in bandit raids. The military demand for both troops and machinery are constantly rising. The Argurts military sports a unique combination of specially trained troops and customized Synchro exoArmors, modified from reconstruction units. Agurt’s most powerful military asset lies in its natural environment and terrain, as it is surrounded by towering mountains on both sides and the sea to its rear, with only one entrance to the north.

Bucks Team

The special forces created by the Agurts government in 1997 and disbanded in 2012. Further information classified and confidential.

88th Sand Team

The 88th Sand Team was established to protect the transportation routes of agricultural produce from Agurts to their northern neighbors. Operating in the anarchical desert area, the infantry often encounters raids from the Soil Ghosts, in addition to attacks from militants of various origins. In order to operate in such a high-risk region, the 88th Sand Team are equipped with the best weapons, however, their mortality rate is still the highest amongst the Agurts military units.

303rd Marine Team

The 303rd Marine Team of Agurts is an amphibious task force, specifically designed to navigate the inner lakes and jungle areas of the south. It is outfitted with landing crafts, assault vehicles, Synchro exoArmors, and mini submarines with armors alike.

55th Viking Team

The 55th Viking Shield Team is stationed in the high-altitude snow mountains of Agurts. Many members of this unit are former refugees who had survived the cold wilderness of the north, giving this unit great advantages in prolonged, cold weather combat. The 55th Viking Shield Team were often deployed together with the 101st Phoenix Pinion Team to carry out missions in the colder areas. As the frequency of excursions and the size of the unit increased, their weaponry and armaments were enhanced as well. The 55th Vikings and 88th Sand Team were often sent on missions beyond the borders.

Zamaii Border Patrol

The Zamaii Border Patrol is a border defense unit under the Agurts military. Their primary objective is to safeguard the restricted areas of Zamaii in northern Agurts and monitor any threats from the desert or its neighboring countries. They are charged with inspecting and protecting all convoys through the restricted border zones of Zamaii, the only land trade route connecting Agurts with its northern neighbors. The border patrol rarely enters the deserts under normal conditions.

The Agurts Senate

The Agurts Senate is a unicameral parliamentary legislature comprising of 120 members. 50 seats are directly elected from the ten city-states, while the other 70 are indirectly elected through 12 trade-based special interest groups.


Omanga is one of the leading countries in nuclear technology research, and it has developed nuclear power plants. As nuclear power proved far more efficient, Omanga was able to sell extra energy supply to neighboring states that relied on the less efficient and scarce fossil fuels. The accumulated wealth from the sale of nuclear energy encouraged Omanga to invest more resources in researching other biochemical and mechanical technologies. Just when their development of nuclear energy reached an unprecedented level, one of their first-generation nuclear plants in the north exploded in an accident and effected a huge nuclear fallout that covered the entire northern regions of Omanga. With the entire population suddenly migrating south and the mounting pressure of land and resource scarcity, Omanga became exceedingly aggressive. They developed the multi-armor system and created the terrifying and infamous Abaddon Army.

Abaddon Army

With severe radioactive pollution and resource shortages, Omanga is facing a tough time improving the livelihood of its citizens – both production and the population is declining. Instead of seeking neighbors from help, the Omanga government applied their research in biochemical and mechanical technologies to their military, forming a formidable army for conquering neighboring territories and resources. The Abaddon Army is the epitome of the Omanga army: soldiers who fight not for honor, but rather for survival. Their combat tactics are brutal and effective, for they are fueled by their own desperation.


Gafia is an inland state between Omanga and the land of the Soil Ghosts. Faced with the invasion from Omanga towards the west, Gafia’s government adopted an appeasement policy. Ignoring government policies, the people living along the borders refuse to surrender and continue fighting ceaselessly against Omanga’s invasion. This contrast has torn the state apart, and regional conflicts erupt daily.


The AMM is a private military contractor, employed by one of the largest multinational corporation – Beehive – whose main business is the trading of honey. The Acid Rain era turned many common commodities into rare luxurious goods, honey being one such luxury. To ensure a stable supply of honey, Beehive has set up branches in various parts of the world in order to cultivate and collect honey on a global scale.