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【Setting】Airborne Laurel LP2m / LP2P

31 January 2018
Acid Rain World News



Facing the ever-growing frontlines, swift mobilization of military assets became a major concern for the Agurts military. As a result, the 101st Airborne Team was created to consolidate the rapid deployment of various forces across multiple warzones. The 101st Airborne Team is a well equipped brigade that consists of military cargo aircrafts, fighter jets, paratroopers and para-armor SA. Of all the divisions within the Agurts military, the 303rd Marine Team are most closely associated with the 101st Airborne Team, often seen working hand in hand in numerous joint military operations. The Agurts military even outfitted the 303rd Marine Team with their own para-armor SA.

The 303rd Marine Team’s para-armor SA- Airborne Laurel LP2m is equipped with extra reinforcements to the cockpit and critical components, night vision gear and a detachable HALO module. The HALO module contains a Space Parachute and multiple thrusters. The Space Parachute can safely and rapidly decelerate low altitude openings, while the thrusters are used to further assist and stabilize the SA’s landing. Skillful pilots can detach their parachute mid-air and use the thrusters to achieve a perfect combat ready touchdown.