FAV-A97 Bucks Ankylo RV7b
Action Figure
Release Date:
HKD $915.00
The Bucks Ankylo RV7b is an all-terrain armored vehicle equipped with a mobile weapons platform, commissioned to carry Bucks Team members into the Gray Zones. Equipped with heavy composite armor, the Ankylo comes with anti-aircraft weapons and advanced electronic warfare tools such as missile interceptor and radar-jamming systems. Commonly used by advancing Bucks troops to transport combatants or weapon supplies into contested territory, it opens up marching routes, serves as a temporary command post, and establishes zones of safety. In addition, the Ankylo carries the Laevis DD5b transformable drone, which can be switched between remote control or intelligent exploration mode, and has both compact and expanded forms. In compact form, it has the ability to travel speedily by rolling in a barrel shape and can cover mines or traps on the road, thereby opening up a safe route for the convoy. When expanded, it can move quickly on three legs, searching for hidden enemies in narrow spaces such as collapsed ruins. Its expandable module can be equipped with weapons, such as machine guns and mine laying systems to wipe out garrisons.

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- Bucks Ankylo RV7b x 1 - Bucks Laevis DD5b-2 x 1 - Survival Axe x 2 - Spare Fuel Tank x 2
Additional Info
Action figure size:
approx. H: 10.5cm
Packaging box size:
approx. H:18.2cm X W:23.8cm X L:33.6cm
THIS IS NOT A TOY, 16 YEARS+. Choking hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 years old. This product is suitable for ages 16 and up. Please read these instructions carefully before you open the product. Some components are rather sharp and fragile, exercise care during unpacking and disposing. Some components are of limited movability and could be damaged if inappropriately twisted or bent. Please keep this product away from fire, heater or any place with high temperature to avoid deformation. Do not wipe the product with thinner, benzene, alcohol, etc. which could damage the surface or cause paint fading. The product may vary from the picture prototype.