FAV-A95 Eos Destroyer Set
Action Figure
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HKD $495.00
The Eos Destroyer is an anti-armor unit under the 303rd Marine. The members are selected and well-trained for their ability to shoot precisely even when loaded or moving between obstacles. As the commander of the Eos Destroyer, Ula often triggers the pirates to gnash their teeth, but is also a controversial figure among the commanders. Ula was a former pirate who lived on an island conquered by pirates. The island inhabitants were forced to swear allegiance to the pirate regime for protection, thus she never had a choice but to leave her fisher lifestyle and join the pirate gang. No mercy was shown when she was slaughtering other pirates, which quickly established her ranking as a minor leader, but she never attacked merchant ships or civilians, rather she would engage in internal fighting between the smaller pirate forces. The growth of Agurts ignited her hope to anonymously save the victims. She utilized her familiarities towards the maritime and climate, secretly rescued hostages and slaves, and prepared rafts for them to drift towards Agurts, sometimes she even leaked intelligence of the pirates. Ironically, her younger sister Meda exposed Ula’s hidden plans to the captain. At the moment of Ula’s execution, the 303rd Marine team, who tracked down the source of the intelligence, rescued her in time.

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- Ula x 1 - Eos Destroyer x 1 - TG-12 Rocket Launcher x 2 - NGP-73 Anti-materiel Rifle x 2 - 「Porcupine」 shotgun x 2 - AP2 Pistol x 3 - Helmet x 1 - Half Face Gas Mask x 1 - Holster x 1
Additional Info
Action figure size:
approx. H: 10.5cm
Packaging box size:
approx. H:14.8cm X W:27.5cm X L:6cm
THIS IS NOT A TOY, 16 YEARS+. Choking hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 years old. This product is suitable for ages 16 and up. Please read these instructions carefully before you open the product. Some components are rather sharp and fragile, exercise care during unpacking and disposing. Some components are of limited movability and could be damaged if inappropriately twisted or bent. Please keep this product away from fire, heater or any place with high temperature to avoid deformation. Do not wipe the product with thinner, benzene, alcohol, etc. which could damage the surface or cause paint fading. The product may vary from the picture prototype.