Kit Lau

The vast and rich universe of Acid Rain World has originated from the mind of a humble but passionate artist. With extensive experiences in graphic design, illustration, and animation, he is known for his work on the "Pop-up" books series that began with the success of "Hong Kong Pop Up" (2009) and "PopUp China" (2010). He also took part in the creation of the animated movie "My Mother is an Alien", which earned him both local and international awards as well as recognition. He loves to write. He loves to draw. He loves to create. After garnering years of experience and knowledge in different fields of the creative industry, he decided to embark on something bigger, something bolder – his own franchise, within the settings of an alternate history. He wanted to create a world that would send the readers a message, a world that reminded them of the dangers of human greed and exploitation of the natural environment. He single-handedly created all the settings, wrote the stories, designed the characters, vehicles, and the mecha. He personally oversees the creation and production of every product related to this franchise. He is hardworking, passionate, and dedicated. Meet Kit Lau, the creator of the Acid Rain World.